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Ex Libris stamp Volare - d. 40 mm

Ex Libris stamp Volare - d. 40 mm

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Ex Libris stamp with wooden handle and laser-engraved rubber base with a diameter of 40 mm

You can embellish your stamp with an elegant wooden and brass frame (see photo).

if you want you can also add:

A colored pad measuring 90 x 50 mm, choosing between black, blue, red, purple and green (Trodat or Colop depending on availability).

The gift box can be chosen between an elegant double-coated SBS cardboard box in burgundy and black with ExLibris logo in gold, or an elegant MDF wooden box veneered with real cherry wood  with engraved ExLibris logo. They can contain both the stamp and the pad (see photo).

for technical reasons it is not possible to change the font type-

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