e.g...〉 locution lat. (propr. «from the books»), Mark (stamp, seal, printed tag) placed on the inside or endpaper of a book to certify its ownership; often contains the formula from books followed by the name of the owner, or, above all in the past, mottos, sentences, emblems and various annotations, of great interest to collectors and philologists.

From the Treccani Vocabulary.

What is the ex libris?

An Ex libris is a mark (stamp, seal, printed tag) a stamp that is placed on the title page of books to designate that they belong to a family, a library or a person.

Minimalist, allegorical, complex, artistic, functional, heraldic, stamped, punched, printed… The art of the Ex Libris made use of different techniques and changed hand in hand with technology, reinventing itself with the progress of thought.

A rectangle or circle often bordered containing drawings and words, generally placed on the second cover page, reveals the ownership of that book and its reader's love for an intimate object, which has accompanied, page after page, his eyes, his mind and his soul. The literal meaning of Ex Libris is: “from the books of….”, therefore possession, belonging, almost sacredness.

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